Phoenix Healing Arts of Arizona is an entirely different way to think about addiction and recovery.

The only requirement for membership into our fellowship is the desire to live a contented life of self-discovery free from negative addictions. As simple and obvious as this may sound, we are the only recovery program of our kind in the United States.

We have seamlessly woven traditional Eastern Chinese Philosophy and Martial/Healing Arts with Western styled addiction therapy and counseling. We are using Ancient Oriental methodologies that have helped transform people’s lives since the dawn of mankind itself.

Our program works for people who have a sincere desire to embrace life and all the pain/pleasure, love/hate, suffering/joy, and growth/decline that it encompasses. We know that the ups and downs in life go hand in hand, and we choose to walk through the peaks and valleys with dignity, love and compassion for ourselves and others.

Our program works for those rare individuals who are committed to self-discovery, self-cultivation and caring for themselves as if they are a living, breathing temple, because, surprise surprise; you are a living breathing temple.

There is no set formula or method to achieve success in our program. Again, I repeat, there is no set formula or method for success. We believe that you should be the one in charge of your own treatment and recovery. Each client creates their own model for recovery. Each client creates their own goals for the future. Each client teaches us a new way that people can find the miracle they seek. Each client is a new and unexplored treasure.

You may be wondering what you need PHA for since we are allowing the clients the freedom to build their own program. Good question. Read on.

We believe that each individual must become the teacher they themselves seek. Be the change you wish to see. Be love. Become the person that you yourself would respect and follow whole-heartedly. Our only function is to help you identify your needs and aid you on your quest toward recovery. At Phoenix Healing Arts we act as humble guides and encouraging voices in your process of self-discovery. All of our staff members have wrestled and battled with addiction, so we are intimately aware of the internal war being waged. We have been to the edge ourselves and we have seen many others leap off. We get it. We’ve been there and back and there again. PHA is comprised of the most unique mixing of people on earth. We are addiction specialists, kung fu masters, shamans, yoga masters, spiritual life coaches, tai chi masters, psychologists, qigong masters, acupuncturists, marriage and family therapists, Chinese herbalists, reiki masters, chiropractors, massage therapists, artists, musicians and poets. As eternal students, we look forward to walking this path of enlightenment together with you, seeking and embracing the wisdom of experience.

Our program for recovery is simple. There is no program! Wait, hold on, don’t get too excited. What we mean is, you are the creator of your own destiny. In the end, you are the person that is healing you. We are just here to facilitate and witness the transformation. You have the power to make the choices and changes necessary to live a new and better life. What are your goals? What is your ideal treatment plan? What would make you proud of yourself? As your individual path emerges we will devise a plan of action that meets your goals. If your goals change half way through your treatment with us, then we will revise the plan. As long as you are committed to change and have a sincere desire for a life of sobriety, we will be there to help you grow in any and all ways.

Sobriety is a process of change and self-discovery. Life is a process of change and self-discovery. Your needs will change regularly, and we will be there to help create a new strategy. The ability to adapt to an ever changing world is the key to a life of success and joy. It is also the backbone of all Chinese philosophy and Martial arts. Great artists have an uncanny ability to reinvent themselves over and over. They merge and blend with their times until the vision and the visionary become one, words become actions, and dreams become manifest.

Once you are a member of the PHA community, you are a part of our family forever (or for as long as you want to be). Our fellowship is never ending. Like a family, we are always here to be of service to you in good times and in bad. You are encouraged to be of service as alumni in our family or just drop in for a refresher class. We encourage you to participate in our daily tai chi, yoga and martial arts classes for up to two years as part of your aftercare program. Free.

Relapse is a common reality. It is a fact. At PHA we do not view relapse as a failure, betrayal or a weakness. We view it as nothing more than a step closer to reaching your recovery goals. Relapses are valuable tools in reminding us how much further we need to go and what future measures we must take. Relapse puts you one step closer to finding out who you want to be and what you want out of your life. Each relapse brings a person one step closer to finding themselves. Relapses are not mistakes; they are opportunities to learn the hard way. We will always assist you in recovering from a relapse provided you are sincere in your efforts toward sobriety. The struggle of sobriety is not a struggle at all. It is the simple process of losing your way and finding your way again. Losing your way. Then finding your way. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in…

Please peruse our menu of services so that we may tailor your treatment program especially for you. Build the program that best suits your needs and timeframe. If we are not equipped to help you then we will gladly refer you to the people that can help. We have a vast collection of resources to fit your needs. Our greatest intention is to guide you thru your rebirth in life recovery.

Visit our Recovery Programs page for more info about the classes we offer.

Our program is aggressive yet varied and flexible. Your schedule will be tailor-made to your lifestyle. Visit our Testimonials page for a first hand and personal account from a recent student.

We work with individuals from many different walks of life and budgets so each schedule is different. Please feel free to call to discuss more about program details and pricing or fill out our contact form so we can get back to you with more info.